The D-Tech i-series gives you the best sound and highest power of any power amplifier you are likely to find. Reliable, versatile, and light-weight, and made with the best materials available.


Better speaker cone control

No hidden intermodulation

Higher headroom

Customisable limiter

Optimal power delivery

More versatile than ever

Three years full warranty

          D-TECH 3600i                       D-TECH 8000i

The D-TECH i SERIES is a top of the range amplifier made with the latest technology and high quality materials. It is one of the most powerful amplifiers on the market, with a clear sound and versatile features which make the D-TECH i SERIES the most advanced power amplifier manufactured by TAFN Engineering.

The most remarkable feature of this series is its versatility. It can switch between 2 ohms or 4 ohms mode, delivering maximal possible headroom for each type of load. This feature is never achieved by a conventional amplifier.

The D-TECH i SERIES amps are made of high quality materials including the best connectors and breaker available. It features a light-weight, compact design in 1.5 unit size, and comes wth extra features unique to this series, such as the customisable limiter, and refined filter for clearer sound.


The D-TECH i SERIES special circuitry gives the amplifier more control over the movement of the speaker cone, yielding a realistic, rock-solid sound. Analog power amplifiers can have high damping factor when pushing the speaker cone (in or out), but have little clamping capability when pulling it back to neutral position. They rely mostly on the speaker spider to return the cone to center position. D-TECH i SERIES amplifiers, however, damp the electricity generated from the speaker, forcing the speaker cone to pull back to centre position before the other half-cycle begins. The speaker spider, a mechanical device which performs the function of a speaker spring, has its own resonance, which can distort the sound signal. It can also wear out, slowing the speaker cone response time.

Because D-TECH i SERIES power amplifiers force the speaker cone to pull back to neutral position by clamping the speaker cone electrically at all times, sound remains clear and tight even if the speaker spider is worn out.

As D-TECH i SERIES power amplifiers rely less on the speaker spider, mechanical errors caused by resonance and slow response time are kept to a minimum. Result: Tight, clean and realistic bass and even mid-range.


D-TECH i SERIES power amplifiers allow users to switch between two modes of optimal power distribution: 4 ohm (two speakers), or 2 ohm (four speakers) per channel. The amplifier delivers maximal possible power in an optimal way in whichever mode is chosen, without stressing the amplifier while maintaining a tight sound.

  Our limiter shrinks the signal to fit the dynamic range of the amplifier.

The user can customize attack and release times of the limiter. For a heavier bass punch sound, the limiter can be adjusted for a slower response time and faster release time. For a clearer mid-high sound, a faster response time and slower release time may be desirable.

The customization of the limiter also permits safely more versatile use of different sizes of speakers by giving them more protection.

The D-TECH i limiter allows high energy controlled peaks without risk of the  burning the speaker while ensuring crisp powerful sound.

While other amplifiers have only one optimal mode, D-TECH i SERIES has two optimal modes for power delivery.

When in LZ mode, power is optimally distributed in higher load current (more speakers per channel), and in normal mode, the power is distributed in higher head room (more power per speaker).

Although these modes are for optimal matching at their respective loads, the power amplifier can still take any type of load in each mode. This option improves the versatility of the amplifier and is a feature that no other amplifiers can offer efficiently.  

The LZ mode can also be used to limit the output power per speaker to ensure when less powerful speakers are used, they are not accidentally overpowered.

The customizable limiter further adapts the amplifierís performance to suit the speaker type.

Limiter control settings

 the secret of clean sound

One reason why D-TECH i SERIES power amplifiers sound so clean is because they have eliminated hidden intermodulation.

Harmonics outside the audio band, which occur mainly between the power amplifierís output power stage and the speaker load, are the main cause of intermodulation inside the audio band which then dirties the sound.

Intermodulation takes place due to the low damping factor of the amp at high frequencies, and the reactive behavior of the speaker, especially outside the audio band.

D-TECH i SERIES, thanks to its highly advanced output filter and it's signal process circuitry, cuts out harmonics outside the audio band sharply, with almost no phase shift, thus eliminating intermodulation inside the audio band.

Intermodulation cannot feed back into the audio band, as the harmonics are not present any more to produce it in the first place.

Most power amplifiers fail to address the problem of intermodulation. Their specifications say the power amplifiers have little intermodulation distortion. However, power amplifiers are tested on resistor loads, which are not reactive like speakers. So they do not show the true extent of the problem, as they can't mimic the reactive behavior of speakers.

Tested on real speakers, however, the difference becomes clear: The sound from the D-TECH i SERIES power amp is better because our technology truly avoids intermodulation when it cuts out harmful harmonics at source.

the MOST ADVANCED protection system

The D-TECH i SERIES contains a full range of protection features to prevent against high-frequency oscillation, short-circuiting, current overloads, sudden power surges, and overheating. We safeguard against every possible risk, and even offer a soft-turn on feature which avoids any surge in current when turn on the amp, allowing many amps to be turned on at once. For more information about our protection technology, see here.


D-TECH 3600i


D-TECH 8000i




2 ohm Dual (per ch.)


2700 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

2100 W rms.

1400 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1100 W rms.

700 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono


5400 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

4200 W rms.

2800 W rms.

16 ohm Bridge-Mono

2200 W rms.

1400 W rms.





2 ohm Dual (per ch.)


3750 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

3200 W rms.

2000 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1600 W rms.

1040 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono


7500 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

6400 W rms.

4000 W rms.

16 ohm Bridge-Mono

3200 W rms.

2080 W rms.

Guaranteed Output Power with 0.35% THD

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