Welcome to the i-POWER SERIES a digital amplifier which is two units high but delivers unmatched power for two ohms. The i-POWER SERIES can take up to four speakers per channel while still maintaining a tight sound.

  Its special circuitry is designed for very low impedence which can handle high currents effortlessly. This allows it to take up to four speakers per channel (Total 8) while avoiding problems common to conventional designs such as overheating and loss of sound quality.

  Thanks to its extremely efficient technology,  no matter how severe the outdoors conditions are, the  i-POWER SERIES are very unlikely to overheat.

i-POWER 4000             i-POWER 5000            i-POWER 6000

The i-POWER SERIES features a type of digital switch-mode power amplification technology that is highly advanced and delivers a tremendous amount of power and very clear sound in a very light-weight designThe i-POWER SERIES is designed to handle higher speaker loads, up to four speakers per channel without any drop in sound quality as more speakers are added.

stable output at 2 ohms

The I-POWER digital power amplifier maintains output voltage at stable levels, even when up to four speakers are added per channel.  This control feature sets it apart from conventional amplifiers, which start reducing output voltage well before overloading point has been reached, providing high damping factor even when clipping.

The graph on the left shows that maximal output voltage remains at a constant level until a pre-set point is reached, regardless of how great is the load. Compare that to conventional power amplifiers, which start decreasing maximal output voltage straight away, as soon as any load is connected. Using the I-POWER digital power amplifier, you can add four speakers to each channel. The amplifier will increase power output accordingly, but with no reduction in output voltage.

After a pre-set overloading point is reached, I-POWERs automatic control mechanism (ACC) comes into effect, to limit output current automatically. This provides absolute protection in the event of a short circuit, which conventional power amplifiers cannot match.

 two level limiter

The i-POWER SERIES includes a two-level customizable limiter. The soft limiter is a clip limiter which will keep the signal within the dynamic range of the amplifier, maintaining the highest quality sound possible without risk of damage to speakers. This feature is especially useful for the mid-high range, which is sensitive to clipping.

The hard limiter provides a 30% extra signal after clipping and is useful when the soft limiter can be too weak, and not using a limiter at all results in excessive clipping that causes distortion and damage to speakers.  The hard limiter ensures the sound still packs plenty of punch while at the same time keeping the power under control and is a feature unique to the  i-POWER SERIES.

the MOST ADVANCED protection system

  The i-POWER SERIES contains a full range of protection features to prevent against high-frequency oscillation, short-circuiting, current overloads, sudden power surges, and overheating. We safeguard against every possible risk, and even offer a soft turn-on feature which avoids any surge in current when turn on the amp, allowing many amps to be turned on at once. For more information about our protection technology, see here.


i-POWER 4000

2 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1800 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

980 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

500 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono

3600 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

 1960 W rms.


i-POWER 5000

2 ohm Dual (per ch.)

2600 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1400 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

720 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono

5200 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

2800 W rms.


i-POWER 6000

2 ohm Dual (per ch.)

3600 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

2000 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1000 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono

7200 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

4000 W rms.


Guaranteed Output Power with 0.35% THD


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