A powerful, compact amplifier which has the highest power to weight ratio of any on the market. The first of our digital power amplifier series using our revolutionary technology, the D-TECH series also has the longest proven track record, and even now is still widely in use and popular among major concert promoters and nightclubs.

The D-TECH amplifier is optimally designed for a 4 ohms load, but is also capable of driving a 2.66 ohms load. It has very high headroom for its one unit size and weight. The reliability of this amplifier has been long proven, and forms the foundation of the series which were to follow.

D-TECH 1200                   D-TECH 2400                 D-TECH 3600

D-TECH SERIES is a type of digital switch-mode power amplification design that is highly advanced and delivers a tremendous amount of power and very clear sound in a very small size.  The D-TECH digital power amplifier can deliver several times more power than other amplifiers of the same size and weight. It also sounds better, and is more reliable.

D-TECH is small, compact and highly portable, which is ideal for touring. It is also easy to install at discos, where it makes efficient use of small spaces and has been proven to last for many years. Its performance, including a highly reliable power switching  supply, beats the rest and has resulted in disco owners replacing large banks of conventional amplifiers with just a few D-TECH power amplifiers, which can better their sound and outlast them by years. The D-TECH amplifier is highly user-friendly, and easy to install and use.

stable output up to 2.66 ohms

The D-TECH digital power amplifier maintains output voltage at stable levels, even when up to three speakers are added per channel.  This control feature sets it apart from conventional amplifiers, which start reducing output voltage well before overloading point has been reached, providing high damping factor even when clipping.

This is rarely achieved with an amplifier so light , small and reliable at the same time.

The graph on the left shows that maximal output voltage remains at a constant level until a pre-set point is reached, regardless of how great is the speaker load. Compare that to conventional analog amplifiers, which start decreasing maximal output voltage straight away, as soon as any load is connected.

Using the D-TECH digital power amplifier, you can even add three speakers to each channel without noticing any reduction in sound quality. The amplifier will increase power accordingly, but with no reduction in output voltage. This is achieved thanks to a highly stable power supply that matches perfectly the digital behavior of the amplifier.

After a pre-set overloading point is reached, D-TECHís automatic current control mechanism (ACC) comes into effect, to limit output current automatically. This provides absolute protection in the event of overloading or short circuit, which conventional power amplifiers cannot match, as well as being protected against high frequency oscillations.

highly ADVANCED protection system

The D-TECH SERIES contains the full range of protection features to prevent against high-frequency oscillation, short-circuiting, current overloads, sudden power surges, and overheating. We safeguard against every possible risk. For more information about our protection technology, see here.

D-TECH 1200


D-TECH 2400


D-TECH 3600

2 ohm Dual (per ch.)

480 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

580 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

310 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono

960 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

1160 W rms.

16 ohm Bridge-Mono

620 W rms.


2 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1350 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

980 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

520 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono

2700 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

1960 W rms.

16 ohm Bridge-Mono

1040 W rms.


2 ohm Dual (per ch.)

2000 W rms.

4 ohm Dual (per ch.)

1800 W rms.

8 ohm Dual (per ch.)

950 W rms.

4 ohm Bridge-Mono

4000 W rms.

8 ohm Bridge-Mono

3600 W rms.

16 ohm Bridge-Mono

1900 W rms.

Guaranteed Output Power with 0.35% THD



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