TAFN COMBO-7000 is an all-in-one PA system which weighs only 11 kg but

 packs more punch than a conventional 4X4 up to 2400W RMS per channel.

It is a single rack system, the only one of its kind in the market which includes all the usual features of a complete PA system such as an equaliser, crossover, limiter and 2 class D stereo amplifier equivalents but in this case built into one single unit. It has more than enough power to suit all possible events and is sometimes twice as powerful as many  conventional system - all in one single unit.



Complete P.A. System

4 High Power outputs

Easy analog controls

Built in Crossover

Equal Loudness Contour

Adjustable Limiter

2 Notch Filters

Tilt Audio Spectrum

Bass Profile Adjustment

Light Weight

Easy to Clean

The COMBO has a two stereo power amplifiers equivalent (four outputsl) system with up to 2400W rms per channel.

Having class-D amplifiers means it is power and heat very efficient. Thanks to the new technology advances, it has a higher damping factor and higher headroom improving quality sound.

It is controlled by a cross-over where the two mid-high channels are in the high part of the crossover and the two bass channels are in the low frequencies of the crossover.

Its internal amplifiers are protected against short circuits, high frequency  harmful oscilations and overload conditions. The amplifier will limit or cut off according to the hazard that it has to be protected from. It is protected against every possible hazard so is unlikely to ever sustain damage.

The COMBO also comes with a range of other built-in features. For the first time, an all-in-one PA unit has the power and features of a bigger system ideal for pubs, restaurants and small rentals and commercial events. It's an all-purpose system ideal for almost any situation, with everything packed into a highly portable, single unit weighing just 11kg which almost anyone can set up thanks to our clever,  easy to use controls.


While a conventional 31 band equaliser requires professional expertise to use properly, our equal loudness contour knob is already pre-set to sound as best as possible to the human ear  according to the ISO world standard, which is ultimately what you want to achieve - but we do it by emphasising practicality and simplicity.

  Our equal loudness contour is the only one in the market which can be adjusted continuously from flat to maximum contour which will suit all types of situations.

The key feature is that you can adjust sound on the fly depending on how you want it to perform...you can play with the knob easily because you will always find the right sweet spot.

  Also, as our hearing does not respond in the same contour between loud and softer sounds, the fact that it is adjustable makes this the ideal solution, especially if you use it in conjunction with other features such as the bass enhancer and TILT knob to achieve the mix of sounds that you want. It's all just the turn of a knob or flick of a switch away. Almost anyone can achieve a good sound without the complexity of conventional systems.


The crossover ranges from 40Hz to 240Hz,  which is more than you need, which means you can make more accurate adjustments. It is simple to use as everything is controlled by a single knob, instead of one knob for each channel.


This limits the power to keep it within the levels specified from 0 dB to -20 dB. It is very stable and can be managed with a single knob. It is easy to adjust to the level you don't want sound to exceed.


This allows you to adjust the whole sound spectrum in a tilted angle from the bass up to the treble end of the spectrum with the treble end being the most affected and the bass the least. This is useful when you want to emphasize or de-emphasize the high end of the spectrum for any reason.


Our notch filters attenuate sound at these particular frequencies where the human ear is most sensitive: 2.6KHz,  the resonant frequency of the ear canal, and 8.5 KHz, the resonant frequency of the middle ear. These filters ensure you can listen to loud sound without it being harsh on the ears.


Another key feature which contributes to the ease of use of the system is that you can vary the behavior of the bass response by varying the frequency enhancement while cutting its harmonic which results in a clean, clear bass in the desired bass profile. This setting is independent of the equal loudness contour and it can be added on top of all the other settings to enhance the sound. This setting can also be turned off.

the MOST ADVANCED protection system

 The COMBO-7000 contains a full range of protection features to prevent high-frequency oscillation, short-circuiting, current overloads, sudden power surges, DC leakage to the speaker, and overheating. We safeguard against every possible risk, and even offer a soft turn-on feature which avoids any surge in current when you turn on the amp, allowing many amps to be turned on at once. For more information about our protection technology,  see here.

In the event the amplifier reaches 90 deg C, the amplifier will shut down. However, before reaching that point, at 80 deg C, the power will drop slightly, giving the amplifier a chance to cool; once it has cooled, the power will restore to previous levels, which makes it unlikely the amplifier will ever reach 90 deg C, ensuring performance is never interrupted.


Sensitivity for full rated power (Contour Bypass)

0.7 Volts RMS

Signal to Noise ratio

More than 105 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Intermodulation Distortion (IMD)


Damping Factor

1200 From 20 Hz to 1K Hz.

Load Impedance

Best for 4 ohms

Overload and short-circuit protection system

Current limited controlled by ACC at 40A per CH.

Pre-overheat protection system

30% Power reduction at internal 80 Deg.

Overheat protection system

Cut-off  at internal 90 Deg.   Resume at 60 Deg.

Power Supply protection

Soft start - Against all severe voltage fluctuations

AC Input Voltage without affecting max. Output Power

180 V - 240 Volts AC.  

Dimensions W x D x H

487 x 427 x 88 mm  (2U.  19" Rack mount )












Output power at  8 ohm

1200 + 1200 Watts RMS  

 1200 + 1200 Watts RMS

 1500 + 1500 Watts RMS

Output power at  4 ohm

2400 + 2400 Watts RMS

 2200 + 2200 Watts RMS

 2800 + 2800 Watts RMS  

Output power at  2.66 ohm 

2400 + 2400 Watts RMS 

 1800 + 1800 Watts RMS

 1800 + 1800 Watts RMS  

Output power at  2 ohm     

1800 + 1800 Watts RMS 

 1250 + 1250 Watts RMS

 1250 + 1250 Watts RMS  




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