ATOM-3200 is a high achieving digital amplifier capable of delivering  high power in a very small size, light weight and low-cost. The amplifier can reproduce sound with outstanding clarity and stability, setting a new standard of features while maintaining a high level of simplicity. It is one of the most versatile, easy to use amplifiers on the market. 

  High power in a lightweight  low-cost

  High damping factor 

  Quiet operation fan
  Short circuit-able speaker outputs
  Neutrik connectors
Two power settings

  Very high AC voltage tolerance range

The ATOM-3200 is a high quality advanced amplifier which delivers high power for its small size. it's ideal for Discotheques and PUBs and because Its fan is very quiet it also makes it suitable for small quiet places. But it is also ideal for  some outdoor applications and it has two power settings to match most types of speakers.

We wanted to enter the mid-range of the market, but make it the best on offer in that category. We do it by bringing together the best features of TAFNís advanced amplifiers, such as high power and pure sound, while maximizing versatility at a reasonable price. The result is the ATOM, which at 1600 watts RMS per channel, is already one of the highest-power amps in the mid-range category of the market, and TAFNís biggest selling digital amplifier.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the ATOM offers many hallmark features such as a half-power switch guaranteeing flexibility for a wide range of uses, from the most intimate settings to discos needing a hi-power sound, a high damping factor, quiet fan, and simple, streamlined interior making it easy to clean.

stable maximum output voltage

The ATOM digital power amplifier maintains output voltage at stable levels, even when up to two speakers are added per channel.  This control feature sets it apart from conventional amplifiers, which start reducing output voltage well before overloading point has been reached, providing high damping factor even when clipping

The graph on the right shows that maximal output voltage remains at a constant level until a pre-set loading point is reached, regardless of how great is the load. Compare that to conventional power amplifiers, which start decreasing maximal output voltage straight away, as soon as any load is connected. Using the ATOM digital power amplifier, you can add two speakers to each channel. The amplifier will increase power output accordingly, but with no reduction in output voltage.

After a pre-set overloading point is reached, ATOMís automatic control mechanism (ACC) comes into effect, to limit output current automatically. This provides an absolute protection in the event of a short circuit, which conventional power amplifiers cannot match.


Because the ATOM-3200 can deliver high power, we have built a half-power limiter designed to lower the power for many situations where the speakers cannot handle very much power, such Mid-Hi speakers, while still maintaining the full headroom of the amplifier. The half-power limiter cuts the RMS power in half while the power supply remains at full DC voltage to keep high headroom in place.

In other words, it limits average power to the speaker, but not the peak power, ensuring better protection for lower-power speakers, while still delivering high power peaks. The sound is as clear and dynamic as it can be.

The short delay in the response time of the limiter allows high peaks, ensuring the sound remains clear and delivers the full headroom of the amplifier while the maximum average power is at 50 %.

Because the threshold of the low-power limiter is much lower than the dynamic range of the amplifier, there is plenty of room between that threshold and the maximal dynamic range of the amplifier, allowing for high peaks in relation to the power that will not clip. This produces a very clean and clear sound which in mid-high levels is desirable.

 simple design for reliability

A quick glance at the interior shows how simple and clean it looks.  The single-board design minimizes the need for wires and connectors which can fail over time. 

One of the features we strive to ensure is ease of use.  With this in mind we ensured the amplifier is also easy to clean.

All amplifiers have to be cleaned from time to time because air flows through the components. We designed the interior with this in mind. You do not need to remove any of the components, just put an air gun to any parts which have gathered dust. The process takes just moments and ensures your amplifier will have a longer life. 


Sensitivity for full rated power

0.7 Volts RMS

Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 KHz

1.5dB   at any power level

Signal to Noise ratio 20 Hz to 20 KHz

More than 105 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Intermodulation Distortion (IMD)


Damping Factor

600 From 20 Hz to 1K Hz.

Load Impedance

Safe with all types of loads

Output power stereo mode at  8 ohm      (stereo)

850 + 850 Watts RMS   (both channels driven)

Output power stereo mode at  4 ohm      (stereo)

1600 + 1600 Watts RMS   (both channels driven)

Output power stereo mode at  2.66 ohm  (stereo)

1200 + 1200 Watts RMS   (both channels driven)

Output power stereo mode at  2 ohm      (stereo)

1000 + 1000 Watts RMS   (both channels driven)

Output power bridged mode at 16 ohm   (mono)

1700 Watts RMS

Output power bridged mode at 8 ohm     (mono)

3200 Watts RMS

Output power bridged mode at 4 ohm     (mono)

2000 Watts RMS  

Overload and short-circuit protection system

Current limited controlled by ACC at 32A per CH.

Overheat protection system

Cut-off  at internal 85 Deg.   Resume at 55 Deg.

Power Supply protection

Soft start - Against all severe voltage fluctuations

AC Input Voltage without affecting max. Output Power

180 V - 240 Volts AC.   (when loading 4 ohms)

Dimensions W x D x H

484 x 322 x 88 mm  (2U.  19" Rack mount )



Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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